Safe air treatment and sustainable components NFH

NFH: The air quality challenge

PDF - 4 pages - 30/04/2020 - English

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Introduction or extract from the case study

Patrick Quaile is an entrepreneur and CEO of Nutritional Fundamentals for Health Inc. (NFH). For his new plant, he decided to work with Topring in order to find safety and performance solutions that allow him to comply with Health Canada regulations and take the environment and global sustainability to heart.  

Patrick Quaile, entrepreneur and CEO of NFH

“Health Canada regulates and keeps a close eye on any facilities that produce vitamins, nutritional supplements, antioxidants, energy products, and probiotics, to name just a few of the 120 products we manufacture. We have to be very careful as soon as there is potential risk to people’s health, no matter how small it may be.“

Safe air treatment 

  • An automatic drain for a water-free system 
  • A refrigerant air dryer for air that's almost perfectly dry 
  • 3 air filters to eliminate any trace of oil and odor 
  • A water/oil separator for environmentally friendly disposal of condensates 

Sustainable components

  • A corrosion-resistant, 100% aluminium air system 
  • Hygienic closed hose reels 
  • Safe, powerful blow guns for worry-free cleaning 

NFH has chosen to use the following Topring products:

  • S08 PPS compressed air piping system 
  • S49 Refrigerant air dryers 
  • S53 TOPDRY compressed air filters 
  • S57 Water/oil separators 
  • S59 MAXDRAIN programmable digital automatic drain 
  • S60 AIRPRO safety high flow venturi nozzle blow gun 
  • S79 RolAir hose reels

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