Rubber hose : Les Plastiques NADCO

Rubber hose: Les Plastiques NADCO

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Introduction or extract from the case study

Les Plastiques NADCO specializes in custom molding and turnkey solutions that are completely adapted to their customers. They are located in Granby and have been in business since 1991. When auditing an installation, we propose solutions or alternatives to serve our clients on 3 different “aspects”. In the case of "Les Plastiques NADCO", we proposed a solution that dealt mostly with efficiency. Check out our advice on replacement of the flexible hoses (different material) and switching to ''lock-on'' fittings. To realize this case study, we discussed with Martin Nadeau, owner of Les Plastiques NADCO.

Martin Nadeau, president, Les Plastiques NADCO

“ In our manufacturing process we use flexible hoses to circulate water inside the plastic injection molds, this water is either very cold or very hot. The thermal variations created by the different fluids circulating in the hoses cause an expansion which causes water leaks. In order to seal the leaks, our set-up operators are forced to regularly readjust the hose clamp. With 12 to 32, tightly aligned, hose outlets for each mold. This manoeuver is very difficult on the operators who are also exposed to hand injuries from the cutting edge of the collars. ''

Solutions put in place to improve equipment life and maintenance operations

  • Change the type of air hose material used
  • Change the type of air hose fittings used

«Lock-on» synthetic rubber hose

For applications requiring a tough hose with a wide working temperature range, it is recommended to use a synthetic rubber hose rather than a natural rubber hose. It will offer greater strength for intensive applications.

Brass barb fittings for “Lock-on” air hose

As an alternative to traditional hose clamp or other crimping methods, Topring brass barb fittings for “Lock-on” air hose can be used with series 77 – TOPFLEX ‘’Lock-on’’ rubber hoses. Simply make a square cut at the end of the hose and insert the fitting manually. The simple and quick installation is efficient and saves time, especially in a context where several hoses are to be installed.

Les Plastiques NADCO has chosen to use the following Topring products:

Series 77 - TOPFLEX “ Lock-on ” synthetic rubber hose
Series 41 - “ Lock-on ” hose barb fittings

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