Compressed air systems : Menuiseries Belisle

Compressed air systems: Menuiseries Belisle

PDF - 4 pages - 22/08/2019 - Français

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Introduction or extract from the case study

Since 1971, Menuiseries Belisle specializes in the manufacture of architectural wooden doors and windows, manufactured to the highest quality standards. When auditing an installation, we look
for solutions or alternatives to help our clients with 3 different aspects: Safety - Efficiency - Performance. In the case of Menuiseries Belisle, our advice and changes were mainly focused on the performance aspect. To complete this case study, we met with Jean-Pierre Belisle, director of production and co-owner, Menuiseries Belisle.

Jean-Pierre Belisle, director of production and co-owner, Menuiseries Belisle

“When we first got into business, we installed a compressed air piping system without knowing much about it or the best practices and solutions available. Our air system consisted of flexible hoses suspended from the ceiling. Through the years and the expansions, our system started resembling an octopus. Since we specialize in high-end products, the quality of the finish of our products is crucial. With more and more efficient equipment and machinery that requires constant airflow like our new CNC machine, our compressed air piping system was no longer able to serve our needs. The tools and equipment located furthest from the compressor were not getting enough air to operate properly.''

Solutions put in place to provide the right amount of air to each machine

  • Design a closed-loop air piping system
  • Opt for an aluminium air piping system

Closed-loop compressed air piping system

The advantage of a closed-loop network is that the air produced by the compressor can travel through several lines at a time, providing balanced pressure and airflow throughout the entire network. The drops are powered by two air sources. This enables to install tubes of smaller diameter thus reducing the initial cost of the system and improving operating efficiency.

Aluminium air piping system

When compared to a steel piping or assembled flexible hoses, an aluminium air piping system offers many performance advantages. Aluminium pipes resist to corrosion and do not deteriorate. They allow air to circulate freely without friction.

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