Compressed air systems : Recubec

Compressed Air System: Recubec

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Introduction or extract from the case study

Recubec is an expert in transportation of hazardous industrial waste in the context of industrial activities. They have been in business since 1982. We met François Chrétien, Recubec's mechanical supervisor to discuss their compressed air system and the problems they face on a daily basis. In the case of Recubec, we offer solutions that focus primarily on efficiency and performance. Discover our solutions through the diagnosis of the air line observation, as well as the choice of water separator, desiccator and recommended quick couplers. 

François Chrétien, mechanical supervisor, RECUBEC

“ We use compressed air in many of our applications and production stages. Throughout the years, our conventional steel air piping system accumulated rust and became less and less performant. We did not have an adequate filtration system to treat the air exiting the compressor, and with time, contaminants and water vapors damaged our compressed air system. ''

Challenges and solutions  

- Opt for an aluminum compressed air system

- Use a water separator and a desiccant air dryer to the compressor outlet

- Install quick couplers to each working station

An aluminium piping system

To ensure that the compressed air be dry and clean, that water and rust do not damage your tools and equipment; use materials that resist corrosion.

Proper compressed air treatment  

Compressed air contains water vapor, and other contaminants which form an unwanted condensate. Compressed air must be filtered properly to ensure the elimination of downstream corrosion, reduce wear and tear, and increase the life span of pneumatic tools as well as that of the entire system.

QUIKSILVER Quick couplers   

QUIKSILVER couplers offer many advantages compared to basic and a traditional couplers; they are much more performant and resistant.

Recubec has chosen to use the following Topring products:

Series 08 – Aluminium piping systems Topring PPS
Series 56 – AIRFLO Water Separator (56.010)
Series 54 – Air Dryer Kit (54.655)
Series 20 – QUICKSILVER couplers ¼ INDUSTRIAL (20.686)

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